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Emu Oil For Hair Loss and Balding Problems Emu Oil For Hair Loss and Balding Problems
emu oil can reduce hair lossEmu Oil has been found to work remarkably on improving thin hair and preventing Hair Loss! We have all heard of one off miracle cure products and drugs to get your hair back, most of them cost a fortune to get, and none of them are guaranteed.

Hair loss has been found to be more common in men than women, partly because of testosterone. However that is not for certain it is the whole cause.

Many studies have been done to figure out why, one common theory is that it is because women, as a general rule, have more fatty tissue on their scalps then men do, which gives more of a cushion to the minute blood capillaries that carry blood to their root, bulb and papilla.
emu oil and hair loss reduction
Another reason might be that women usually brush their scalp and hair more than men, which also stimulates the flow of blood and helps in keeping the scalp loose and healthy. While we have all heard stories about what may cause hair loss: vitamin deficiencies, poor circulation to the scalp, genetics, too much hat wearing, etc. Surprisingly, these theories have been disproved. Hair loss, according to experts, is caused by a combination of aging, hormonal changes and having a family history of baldness.

How Emu Oil Prevents Hair Loss?

According to clinical studies in Australia and the U.S, Emu Oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that can rejuvenate skin cells and produce up to 80% in healthy hair growth. Emu oil users report what can be defined as an "awakening" of their lifeless hair follicles to the growth "anagen" phase. More studies show that the benefit of Emu Oil on our hair, is that it increases the synthesis of DNA in the epidermis - stimulating skin regeneration, follicle development and growth, and the proliferation of the cells around the hair follicle.

Emu Oil hair loss

What makes Emu Oil so good?

One benefit is linolenic acid, and oleic acid which provides a local anti-inflammatory effect. Research into the Benefits of Emu Oil for hair has shown the linoleic acid in this oil to be an effective anti-androgen, and a potent 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, which are key factors in the treatment of hair loss. Emu Oil also enlarges hair follicles when used regularly on the scalp, thus to "thicken" the hair. The anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil also helps alleviate hair loss resulting from inflammation of the scalp and hair follicles, and other scalp problems.

So, in conclusion...Using our Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner regularly on your head, is a great alternative to Hair Loss treatment to slow down and prevent the balding process.

They both contain natural Emu Oil, which will increase the thickness of your hair and help prevent hair loss.
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Emu Oil hair loss  

Recommended Products For Hair Loss

The products recommended for Hair Loss prevention are -

* Emu Oil Shampoo - Use the Emu Oil shampoo regularly on your hair to help prevent Hair loss.
* Emu Oil Conditioner - Use the Emu Oil Conditioner on your head with the Emu Oil Shampoo.
* Pure Emu Oil - Rub a small amount of Pure Emu Oil onto your head once a week to stimulate your scalp and help prevent Hair Loss.

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