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The Emu Farm Plus Pictures The Emu Farm Plus Pictures
The Emu Store farm is located in Kukerin, Western Australia, three hundred kilometers from the city of Perth. From a humble beginning of only 7 birds, the Farm has grown to approximately 1500 birds. The birds are farmed, complying with and controlled by license under State, Australian and International Authorities.

The Emus are farmed on a licensed Emu farm, and the Emu Oil has been processed in an AQUIS and EU certified plant. The Emu Oil range complies with the Australian Standardized Specifications for quality Pure Emu Oil, providing quality Emu Oil Skin Care and health products.

During breeding season on the Emu Farm, the female animal produces an 800 gm egg every 3 to 4 days ( quite large ).

As an interesting fact the male does all of the egg incubation, which takes 56 days. During this time it neither eats nor drinks, existing wholly on its stored fat reserves.

All of the requirements to sustain their body systems, egg production and the male animal during egg incubation are stored in this layer of fat that keeps their bodies functioning at full capacity.. For many thousands of years the Australian aborigines ascribed great medicinal power to the animals body fat and used it as an effective remedy for a variety of ailments both topically and internally. In 1860, the effectiveness of Pure Emu Oil as a topical emollient in western medicine was recorded.

Pictures of the Emu Farm

Emu farm

Emu farm

As you can see from the images above the animal can move around freely on a large farm giving them free range like there natural habitat.

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