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The Australian Emu - Animal Facts and Details The Australian Emu - Animal Facts and Details
What is an Emu? Emu is a large flightless bird, second in size only to the ostrich. Native to Australia and has been raised in North America since the 1930 s. Australian Emus have been used for thier oil in Australia for many years by the Aboriginals, and more recently in skin care, shampoo etc. The first commercially used birds were in 1995, before that it was a breeders market. The significant uses of Emu Oil and leather were discovered during breeding.

FotoshopTofs / Pixabay[/caption] Image above of a small baby Australian Emu

Emu Chicks

Chicks stand about 10 inches tall and have stripes like zebras, only beige and brown. These stripes will fade at 2 - 3 months of age. Chicks are very active right from the get go, running, tumbling, and rolling on their backs. Chicks will make a whistling sound until they are around a year old.Adults retain their gentle temperament they had as chicks, they are not flighty or aggressive, of course occasionally there is a few exceptions.

Adult Emus

They reach their adult height of 5 -6 feet around a 12 to 14 months of age. There are no visible differences between sexes. It has been said that there are five sexes of these ratite birds: male, female, I think its male, I think its female, and darn if I know. Sexing them is hard when they are chicks but once they reach a year the female emu will make a drumming sound and the male will start making a guttural grunting sound. Emus have 2 feathers coming from each quill and are different shades of browns and blacks with different levels of texture and softness from different parts of the bird.

Emus can weigh up to 150 pounds, live up to 35 years or more, produce for 25 years, and lay 30 to 50 eggs per season with some laying over 100 eggs in one Season. The male in the wild will hatch the eggs and look after the chicks. He will not eat much for the 48 to 53 days it takes to hatch his chicks. After the female has laid a clutch for her mate she will sometimes look for another male. Since she does not have to look after all her young ones and if its early in the season she will another lay a clutch for him to hatch and then return to her first mate.


Emu Eggs

Emu Eggs are very dark forest green in colour, almost black. The texture of the egg is different for each bird. Some are very smooth and some are pitted of bumpy with a darker green.

These differences make them fascinating when they are carved for jewelry or painted, as well as the fact the deeper they are carved the green can change to several lighter shades. Emus usually lay their eggs late afternoon or early evening.

Each egg can weigh up to 1 1/2 pounds. Most Emus do not mind you collecting their eggs, which is good due their size.

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