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Emu Oil - Natural Way To Reduce Cholesterol Emu Oil - Natural Way To Reduce Cholesterol
Emu Oil has been found to be a natural and effective way to help reduce cholesterol. This is quoted from a USA patent issued in December 1995, which focused on the application of Emu Oil to reduce cholesterol in humans -

The patent suggests that a preferable dose for adults in 1 - 3 teaspoons per day, to obtain therapeutic benefits from the use of the oil. These therapeutic uses also include a natural way to reduce cholesterol, reported alleviation of allergies, scar prevention, migraine headaches, nosebleeds, prevention of cold and flu, sore throats and PMS.

Natural Way to Reduce Cholesterol?

Another study of Emu Oil as a natural way to reduce cholesterol was conducted in December 2000 the University of Massachusetts. During some preliminary studies on the inflammatory properties of Emu oil, they also found that taking Emu Oil orally lowered cholesterol. The trans-dermal effects of Emu Oil were also studied and gave very promising results for medical use. The Pure Emu Oil industry is excited about these findings and papers will be printed sometime in 2003. The findings have been presented at the AOCS national convention and the AEA convention.

natural way to reduce cholesterol

So Why Isnt Everyone Using Emu Oil as a Natural way to Reduce Cholesterol?

The truth is that the use of this product has only been around in the modern world since the 90s competing against many modern commercial brands. And like many alternative medicines the pharaceutical companies do not want a less profit alternative.

As I mentioned on our emu oil benefits page, Australian Aboriginies have been using this miracle wonder for centuries. So overall if you suffer from Cholesterol you may want to consider talking to your doctor about trying Emu Oil as a part of your diet routine as well.

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