Beautiful Handcrafted Little Baby Soap

beautiful handcrafted little baby soap

Looking for something different, well a new soap is available at Emu Store and it is a luxury soap like the others and handcrafted. We call it the little Baby soap as it is handcrafted to show a Baby sleeping peacefully on a hand. This type of soap would make an excellent gift for many. The benefits of the soap are … Read more

New Travel Size Products

coconut emu lotion

Proud to announce a collection of travel size internet ready product sizes with a couple of the products from Emu Store. All convenient for delivery, use for travelling and for price. If you have not tried these new sizes yet then now maybe the time. First one being the new lotion 50ml size. Available currently for $9.95. Click image … Read more

What Age Can One Start to Use Anti Aging Products?

Another question I got asked recently was when or what age can someone start to use anti aging products? This was a good question i thought so i decided i would share here as sometimes people with all sorts of products think or believe they should be avoided unless of course they are targeted totally … Read more

A Very Healthy Yummy Almond Milkshake

Looking for an extremely healthy milkshake option, if so you have definitely come to the right place. This milkshake is jam packed full of healthy goodness that anyone can enjoy. Plus it is good for the whole body, helps with weight loss, improves the skin and improves the digestion. I call it the very healthy … Read more