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Australian Emu Oil and Its Amazing Traditional Uses Australian Emu Oil and Its Amazing Traditional Uses
Australian Emu Oil has been used for a short period of years in Western Society, but its longest use has been in Australia by the Australian Aborigines.
australian quality
They learnt its healing and beneficial qualities thousands of years ago. Emus are native to Australia and live mainly wild in the desert parts of Australia inland and in the Western parts of Australia. They are fully adapted to that land in all ways. They are also a big flightless bird that produces large beautifully shaped Emu eggs that can be eaten or decorated. The Australian Oil that the Emu produces, protects their skin and body in the harsh climates they live in.

Why Australian Emu Oil?

Distinctively, the big difference between the quality of Australian Emu Oil compared to that overseas is the climate change issue. Where ever there is a huge climate difference to there habitat the, quality grade can not be as high.

australian emu oilIts like the example of a apple tree, grown in really warm climates the apples will be o.k, but when grown in their natural cold climate (tier habitat) they are crispy, juicy and fresh. Also vitamins and minerals will be found in lessor amounts in the warmer environment for apples. Same goes for the Emu and other animals, this is the same logic here that has been shown to be true many times. This potentially could effect the quality of the product being produced out of its native environment.

Emu Store Provides Australian Emu Oil Products, Delivered Worldwide

Emu Store provides Australian Emu Oil Skin Care products, and Health products with quality Certified Australian Emu Oil. The Emu Store range complies with the Australian Standardized Specifications for for quality and certified Oil. Their Emus live on the farm in Western Australia in their native environment. emuse australian emu oil

Emu Store distributes Worldwide, Emu Oil and Skin Care products - Check out our Australian products below, or click Emu Oil Skin Care range to see our full range of products.

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