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Alopecia Areata and How It Effects People, Is there a Solution? Alopecia Areata and How It Effects People, Is there a Solution?
Alopecia Areata is disease that affects the hair follicles, and causes the hair to fall out in patches. In most cases, hair falls out in small, round patches about the size of a quarter. Many people with Alopecia Areata get only a few bare patches. Some people may lose more hair. Rarely, Alopecia Areata causes total loss of hair on the head or complete loss of hair on the head, face, and body. Hair may not be visible above the surface for months or years after loss occurs. The most commonly affected area is the scalp, but the beard or any hair growth site can be affected.

What Happens With Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata can be very unpredictable, the affected hair follicles are mistakenly attacked by a persons own immune system (white blood cells), resulting in the arrest of the hair growth stage. Alopecia areata usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth bald patches on the scalp and can progress to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis) or complete body hair loss (alopecia universalis).

Who Is affected by Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata disease affects approximately 1.7 percent of the population overall, including more than 5 million people in the United States alone. Alopecia Areata occurs in males and females of all ages and races; however, onset most often begins in childhood and can be psychologically devastating.

Stages of Alopecia Areata -

1. Sudden hair loss. The patient will notice a bald spot. Which may appear minimal at first.
2. The bald area will enlarge; hair loss will increase in the immediate area of sighted balding.
3. New hair will grow in place of the lost hair. This process is different for everyone. Hair may start growing in a matter of weeks, months, sometimes more than one year. Nevertheless, it’s very rare that hair does not grow back.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata Treatment

Current medical treatments do not turn alopecia areata off, they stimulate the follicle to produce hair again, and treatments need to be continued until the disease turns itself off. Unfortunately the current treatment for this disease is direct injections of cortisone into the bare skin patches, normally once a month.

Other treatments include the use of topically applied minoxidil, cortisone creams and anthralin cream. Anthralin is a synthetic, tar-like substance, which can cause brownish discoloration of the treated skin. Emu Oil can be used as an effective Alopecia Areata treatment without resulting to prescription medication and injections.

Emu Oil for Alopecia Areata -

Emu Oil has been found to be an effective natural Alopecia Areata treatment. Since Alopecia Areata only suppresses the hair follicle, (it does not kill it) hair can definitely grow back, even after years of extensive hair loss. Those who suffer from Alopecia Areata may want to try Emu Oil on the areas to which Alopecia Areata has been effected. Emu Oil contains a multitude of EFAs which help to nourish the skin and feed it the vitamins it needs to be healthy. Consumers who suffer from natural forms of baldness have reported hair regrowth after using emu oil, as emu oil helps stimulate the cells and encourage hair regrowth.

Applying Emu Oil externally, as well as ingesting Emu Oil internally will help give the hair follicles the EFAs and essential nutrients needed for good health and hair regrowth. To use emu oil as a alopecia areata treatment, use emu oil shampoo and conditioner on the head regularly, and rub pure emu oil into the effected area several times a week.

Using Emu Oil for Hair Loss

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